The Lotto or lottery that has been in operation in South Africa since 2000 is a popular form of gambling. The Lotto centers around a chance situation where players pick six numbers from a pool of fourty-nine numbers (one to fourty-nine). There are two lottery draws per week, one on a Wednesday and one on a Saturday. While players only select six numbers on their ticket, a seventh number is always drawn. This bonus number offers players an extra number to use in their pursuit of the six winning numbers. The live lottery draws are televised and the results are released immediately, although players may only collect their winnings from the following morning onwards. Players can also find the results of the draws online and in the press, and places such as  can have results if you play.

The South African national lottery has operates the main Lotto draw, but it also operates a second additional draw, known as the Lotto Plus. The Lotto Plus is a way for players to stand a chance to win again using the same set of numbers entered into the main Lotto draw. The Lotto Plus has a small fee attached to it and while players stand another chance to win, the jackpot for the Lotto Plus is usually smaller than that of the main Lotto draw. Players are not allowed to play the Lotto Plus draw without playing the main Lotto draw first. Entry into the Lotto Plus draw therefore depends on a player buying a regular Lotto ticket first.

Lottery terminals are easy to locate as they are usually in large chain stores but many small businesses also operate these terminals. An entry into the main Lotto draw costs R3.50. If a player wishes to enter into the Lotto Plus draw as well, an extra charge of R1.50 is required. This means that for only R5.00 players get two chances to win. It is as a result of the affordability of the national lottery tickets that the game enjoys such popularity in South Africa. There is even a quickpick option for those people who would like to participate in the lottery draws but who are too busy to choose their own numbers.